It's hard to forget someone

Who gave you so much to remember.

Marla Drury

Our dear friend and mentor

"Thank you all so much for your work and help in getting my family the bed and dresser.  As Mary and I said goodbye this morning, I almost couldn't hold back tears of gratitude for the help we are receiving from right here in Chatham.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


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There are families in town who are:

   Our neighbors

   Our friends

   Silently in need of help

Bridging the Gap is a hyper-local, non-profit organization.  Initial funds were provided by Chatham Borough.  Future fundraising will be raised in Chatham and will be distributed within Chatham.  If you would like to help local families remain in Chatham, please consider contributing.

Bridging the Gap is committed to alleviating financial hardship due to a temporary, unexpected emergency situation for Chatham individuals and families through the power of local support.

If you are a resident of Chatham Borough or Chatham Township, please contact us.  After filling out an application to determine your eligibility, we will see how we can help.  We promise to protect your privacy and to treat you with respect.

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A lost job, a divorce, or an unexpected household or medical expense can be devastating if finances are already stretched thin.


Your neighbor or your friend may need a hand "bridging the gap" so they can land back on their feet.

​You can help.