Provides cooked meals, fresh vegetables, canned goods, personal care items, counseling

A variety of health, fitness and community programs are provided. Includes the Kirby center and Project Community Pride.  Financial aid is available.  973.822.9622

Morristown based organization with programs to assist youth, families and senior citizens. 

Affordable Housing - Very long waitlists for Chatham housing.

Boro Application             Chatham Twp Affordable Housing Ownership

New Providence Affordable Housing          Madison Housing Authority

Assists women to become economically independent.  Includes family law clinics, career counseling, computer classes, and job search assistance.

Low cost health insurance primarily to ensure coverage of children.  Income requirements.

Phone # 973.538.8049.  A face-to-face interview is required.  

Morristown based agency which provides:  Assistance to the Hispanic Community with translation services, health screenings, immigration questions, referrals

Home Energy Assistance for ALL Morris County residents - for heating and air conditioning bills

Weatherization Program

Educational Programs including ESL classes, Computer Classes and Car Safety (with $5 car seat upon completion)

Online Application and social services available through the Temporary Assistance Office.  After application, may be assigned a social worker to provide on-going assistance.  Programs range from Food Pantries to Medical Insurance to Employment Assistance.

May also call 973.326.7800 (main #) or 973.829.8176 (social services intake).

Directories of Morris County Services

Morris County Services website.

Another excellent resource - similar to NJ 211.

Great general resource which accesses Morris County agencies.

Can also dial "2-1-1" to speak to a specialist.  24 hours/7 days a week.

Language translation is available.

Morris County Directory of Youth Services

Provides numerous youth  related resources.  Definitely worth reviewing.